Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make Super Bees?

To make a Ninja, just match 4 in a line.

To make a Double Ninja, match an 'X' shape-- two on each side and one in the center. This one can be tricky to learn at first, but is super useful so keep your eyes peeled.

To make a Boxer, make any 'V' shape with two bees on each side and one at the tip of the 'V'.

To make a Hipbee, match 5 in a row.

How do I see my friends' progress?

When you connect to Facebook, you'll automatically see pictures of your friends showing which level they have reached in Disco Bees. You'll also see the high scores from your friends on every level you play.

How can I contact you?

Questions? Comments? Problems? Suggestions? Write to