About Disco Bees

Disco Bees is a puzzle game for iOS and Android from Scopely.

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Special Thanks

Thanks to our friends and family for helping test Disco Bees! Thank you:

Keith Winnick
Jeremy Turner
Austin Evans
Michael Ide
Quindal Segall
John Haffner
Dave Fridmann
Greg Bertens
John Tracy
Heather Fann
Jody Herring
Kate Crawford
Ben Schaefer
Sean Roehler
Sarah McWilliams
Eric Kimbrell
Mitchell Maddox
Tina Moon
John McWilliams
Kirk Ottinger
April Pugh
Jacob Feldman
Meredith McLemore
Will Schachterle
Maxine Bern
Jay Robertson
John McWilliams
Kayla Bryan
Jeff Cowden
Will Steineker
Michael Wilt
Bill Evans
Darren Kinnaird
Mary Halsey Maddox
Max Capouano